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111 Kids Growing Food

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I am happy to announce that we now have 111 students and children participating in the Kids Grow Food project in Cambridge.

I'm excited to see how your plants have been growing. Some of you with herbs, lettuce, pak choi or spinach may even have harvested leaves from your plants.

Record plant growth: Let us know how your plant is growing by answering this online survey, or using our app. Check out the data from last week, and watch our blog for updates.

Replacement plants: If your plant died, send me an email and we'll replace it.

More kids: we have more plants, so tell your friends, teachers and classmates about the free seedling program. Here's the link.

Buy seedlings: if you want to add to your garden, visit our store and buy another seedling or two. We have a lot of Hubbard squash seedlings available. I also recommend Harrington seedlings, 39 Ibbetson Street, Somerville. And Bonny's Garden Center in Cambridge.

Happy gardening!

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