Resources for Cambridge Growers

in Cambridge and nearby

  • Cambridge City Growers

    A new group that aims to provide locally grown organic produce for free.

  • Cambridge Community Gardens

    Residents apply for a spot in a community garden.

  • CitySprouts

    Non-profit that teaches children gardening at schools, summer programs, and elsewhere. Check out their videos, at-home activities, summer program (remote in 2020, but awesome!).

  • Green Cambridge

    A group that educates residents about urban agriculture, trees and wilds, and runs the Hurley Street Farm.

  • Urban Agriculture

    A guide to beekeeping, community gardening & more. A publication from the Cambridge Public Health Department.

  • Green City Growers

    A company that can help you set up your garden. Their mission is to transform underutilized spaces into biodiverse productive landscapes, providing their clients with access to hyper-local food while inspiring self-sufficiency through engagement.

  • Hurley Street Farm

    A small urban farm in East Cambridge that operates as a collective. It is run by Green Cambridge.

  • Cambridge Plant & Garden Club

    A long-standing garden club started in 1889.

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