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Hurley Street Farms Expierence

What I did

So today I did some tasks at Hurley Street Farms. These were simple tasks such as harvesting the carrots, cutting the leaves off and washing them off. Then I put good carrots in the donation box to donate to people. This took me about an hour to do all together since there were a ton of carrots that we harvested. Next we harvested some chard and I also had taken off some cucumbers in the beginning. After we finished, I managed to move celery plants from one part to the other which was actually pretty hard for me because I couldn’t plant them upwards and they were all lopsided. The last thing I did was add straw to tomato plants which was pretty easy.


One challenge that I had to face was working in heat with the mask on and it didn’t help that I was wearing a mask the entire time it was making things very hard for me but other than that the work was simple. If it wasn’t for the pandemic this job would’ve been light work.

What I learned

I learned a lot of things today like don’t cut the root of the carrot too short because it can cause the carrot to rot faster and add straw to stop weeds from growing and evaporating. I also learned how to harvest cucumbers, gourds and carrots which is pretty useful and I found it really easy. Last thing I learned which is pretty self explanatory was not tossing the vegetables around because you don’t want to break them or bruise them.

Would I do it again?

I most definitely would, this job was really fun to do and I had a great time harvesting plants. I think my favorite part was working with the carrots, pulling out of the ground, cutting of the leaves, washing them and sorting them out was very nice.

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