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Plant Progress This Week

I just put four more Hubbard squash plants on the front steps of 116 Henry Street; if you can adopt a squash, please come on by and pick one up.

Brady, a Brandywine tomato, is starting to grow fruit.

Spice, an Ace Bell pepper, had a lot of other smaller plants growing in the pot, but they were weeds. Spice is flowering.

Hotwheel, a Hot Rod serrano pepper, has 15 peppers growing on it already! You can eat those peppers green, and they gain additional flavor if you leave them until they are red.

The tomato and pepper plant growth is shown below.

At Henry Street Farms, we are looking forward to harvesting our first Defiant and Granadero tomatoes this week. So far we've harvested some cherry tomatoes (Sun Golds and Sun Peaches).

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