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Growth Data

Many kids have been using the survey or app to record their plant's growth. The plants are getting bigger!

Of course, those average heights may have come from a different set of plants. Let's see what it looks like when we connect multiple observations of the same plant with a line. We'll just look at tomatoes and peppers, because there aren't as many measurements of leafy greens or herbs.

The plants are all definitely growing taller. The fastest-growing plants grew 2 cm per day. Check out that one pepper plant with 6 observations. Its name is "Hotwheel" and it is of the Hot Rod variety.

Some of you wrote some comments. Here are some of my favorites:

"It has one bug on it, And I like that bug. It has some red stripes on the stem. I like the leaves, and how green it is." - Omar, with a Red Ember pepper plant

"It has tiny white dots." - about a sage plant

"The leaves do not taste good to me and hurt my throat. I like its color and it is cute." -Zane, about a thyme plant

"It is green." - Angel, about his Baron pepper

Really nice work recording the data, everyone. Keep those observations coming!

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