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My babies are growing up. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, and it was a good chance to do some transplanting. Dave prepped some dirt for me, and I transplanted tomato seedlings into their third container. I'll tell you more about the dirt in another post!

Some of the seedlings are ready to go into the ground, but they'll have to wait. Normally when the seedlings get to be this big, I have them outside, but that's not possible right now. The weather has been cool and wet for many weeks - and will continue so for at least another week. Cool and wet is not great for tomatoes. Next weekend we'll get back up into the 60s, although we may not see much sun even then. So for now, the seedlings are staying indoors.

I started the seeds on the early side this year, and with the larger pots, it's a struggle to find enough space under lights for all of the seedlings. I ordered a few more lights, and we are rotating some of the plants between sunny windows. I can't wait for the warm weather to hit so they can go outside, and into your gardens!

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