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Sometimes seedlings die. We will replace them!

I planted a few tomato seedlings too early, before the very cold weather we had recently. One of them died and three were traumatized - many of their leaves died and their new growth is small. Seedlings can die for other reasons: squirrels' digging, or not enough water, for example.

If your seedlings from Henry Street Farms died, please let us know and we'll give you a free replacement -- no matter what the reason was! You might get a different variety or even species, depending on what we have available. Good news, though: we have started more Sun Gold tomato seedlings, so if you lost a tomato plant, we have more coming.

This is one of the plants that weathered night temperatures in the high 30s. It lost some leaves but I hope it will come back strong. Around the base are radish plants. They don't mind cold weather at all.

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