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Seedling Inventory

Today I took inventory of the seedlings. About half will remain at Henry Street Farms to bear fruit (by which I mean vegetables), and the other are available for sale on this website. You can pick them up starting April 25th. You can schedule your pick-up time on this website. Each person will have their own half-hour pick-up window. Your plants will be available on the front porch. Please respect everyone's invisible 6-foot boundary.

I calculated that the total yield from these seedlings would be enough to feed 7 people 1 pound of vegetables every day for a year. I know you want to see the math, so here it is. I figure a tomato plant will produce 20 pounds of food; a pepper or eggplant 2.5 pounds; and each onion is one third of a pound. I don't count the flowers or herbs as weighing anything. Here are the seedling counts:

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