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New seedlings for sale - cherry tomatoes, squash, cucumber

I'm excited to report that we have a new round of Sun Gold tomato seedlings, as well as squash and cucumber. Visit our store to order them, and schedule a pick-up date and time.

We also have eggplant and pepper plants.

We have one lavender left, as well as a bunch of impatiens and a couple echinacea.

If you got a seedling from us earlier and it didn't work out, contact us and we'll give you a replacement for free.

Our first round tomato plants have really taken off in this warm weather. I started them too early, so there was a lot of carrying them in and out through the stretch of cold nights, but hopefully it will pay off in having some early fruit. Most of them are flowering now, and I can see small green tomatoes on a couple of the plants!

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