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I am looking forward to dining on fresh food, especially from the garden. The first produce will likely be radishes and chives, plus some hardy herbs if I start them in the basement. I could grow sprouts now, and should.

I'd like to do the Kids Grow Food thing again in 2021. I'd like volunteers to help. I'd like to go bigger. I'd like to serve children who do not have ready access to an outdoor space with sun. (Think community gardens and unused paved areas.) I'd like to require data gathering. I'd like to have a conference in October summarizing the data.

I have ordered and received seeds. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs, eggplant.

Let me know if you'd like to help. We could use help with office work, delivery, outreach to schools, outreach generally. Henry Street Farms can provide the seedlings and soil.

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Mercedes Soto
Mercedes Soto
07. Jan. 2021

Hi, Barbara - First, thank you for providing free and low cost seedings this past summer. We grew several things with our 6th grader. This is so great that you are thinking about expanding! Have you thought about partnering with City Sprouts? or with the Cambridge STEAM Initiative? I know you had a youth intern last summer. The Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program might be able to provide more interns? Also, perhaps a partnership with the Cambridge Housing Authority? They also have paid youth internship opportunities. I would be happy to help deliver in the Port, and Riverside neighborhoods. We have a small patio and built a vertical garden out of a pallet. The Moses Youth Cente…

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