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New Data: Plant Growth

Wow, the plants are really getting taller! And, more of the tomatoes and peppers are starting to flower.

We are tracking 37 tomato plants, 32 pepper plants, 2 eggplants, 9 herbs, 3 leafy green plants and 9 herbs.

In the graphs below, the red points are for plants that you reported as flowering. The herbs and leafy greens don't flower until after they produce the leaves that you can harvest and eat. The vegetable plants produce flowers before they can produce fruit. We heard that a couple of the tomato plants already have small green unripe tomatoes.

We have reports of some lettuce, bok choi and spinach harvests already. Those plants may be almost done for the season. I find that lettuce and spinach will keep producing longer if I keep them in a partly shady spot. They really like being at the base of tomato plants.

Send in your data via the survey or app. It sounds like it would be good for us to distinguish between unripe fruit and ripe fruit for the tomatoes. Many of the pepper varieties will turn red but can be harvested either when they are green or after they turn red. I think Baron is the one exception; I don't think those poblanos turn red. Anyway, maybe I should add a question about whether the peppers are red or green.

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