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Kids all over Cambridge are tending seedlings

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We have had a great start to our Seedlings-for-Kids program! We've had 100 kids sign up to care for a seedling.

We will give a free seedling to any child (18 and under) in Cambridge who is willing to commit to caring for it. 

In addition, growers can track the growth and productivity of their plant using our app or by answering our weekly survey.

How it works:

Sign up here. You will get a coupon for a free seedling at our online store.

Sign up for a pick-up window. If you can't pick up the seedling we'll get it to you.

Care for your plant and tell us how it's going.

Check out some of the blog posts about the program, including tips for growing vegetables, and the data on plant growth that we have collected so far:

In the map below, you can see where the some of the plants live. Green = pepper; red = tomato; grey = herb; blue = leafy greens. Let's fill out the map!

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1 Comment

Mercedes Soto
Mercedes Soto
May 16, 2020

Thanks so much for making free seedlings available for children to grow food at home! We're looking forward to getting started.

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