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Data: Schools and Plants

This week, I thought it would be fun to take a look at which schools our participating youth are from.

Most of our students (115 out of 147) are in elementary school. We have 19 preschoolers!

There is a good distribution across schools. Preschoolers are from 9 different schools, with one home-schooled and a few that didn't specify a school. We see both public and private school representation. The elementary schools with the most students growing a plant in our program are MLK (19), Cambridgeport (18), Morse (11), Amigos (10), Graham & Parks (9), and King Open (8). We also have elementary school kids from BB&N, Fletcher-Maynard, Haggerty, ISB, Peabody, Shady Hill, St Peter's, Tobin, and home schooled.

There are a few of you who haven't selected a plant yet - see your email for information about how to do that. We still have pepper, tomato and squash plants, as well as some flowers. We may get basil in a couple weeks.

Now - on to this week's data!

Peppers and tomatoes are growing taller. We are seeing growth in the other categories as well: flowers, herbs, leafy greens, squash and eggplant.

Some observations:

Django, Sun Gold tomato ("Senor Sol Candy"): Crazy growing like a magic beanstalk to the sky, one little baby tomato on the way. (See photo below!)

William and Joanna, Brandywine tomato ("Sunny Tom"): More yellow flowers are opening. There are about 8 now.

Angel, Baron pepper: The plant is getting taller. it has grown more leaves. The new leaves grow from the top and start out small. There is a leaf at the bottom that is turning yellow. The new leaves at the top are smaller and a darker green.

Isaac, Striped German tomato ("Mr. Tomato Plant"): We have been watering it and put a cafe around it. It had three flowers.I like it because it's a plant.

Alex, Impatiens flower ("Eepa"): It's blooming! One pink bloom, two more buds

Sylvie, Lavender flower ("Emily"): We replanted in a bigger pot.

Hot Rod pepper ("Hotwheel"): We have a small pepper growing! And more than 10 flowers.

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