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The plants are still growing!

Some of you have already been harvesting: bok choi, spinach and lettuce. Spinach and lettuce were used in salads, and spinach was sauteed with evoo, garlic and salt. The leafy greens will probably "bolt" soon, with the hot weather. They'll send up a stalk and make a flower, and stop producing more leaves for you to eat. If you want to keep growing things, consider getting a tomato, squash or pepper from us - we have some left, and are happy to provide a free follow-on plant for kids who want to keep gardening. If you are already in the program, then please order on our store; use code CambKidsGrowFood2020 to get 100% off, and book a pick-up window under our Bookings section.

There are lots of reports of small tomatoes and peppers starting to grow. That is super exciting! In the tomato and pepper plots below, red indicates plants that are flowering, and green indicates plants that have fruit (tomatoes or peppers) forming on them.

Hotwheel, a Hot Rod pepper, has a 4-cm pepper on it. "Pepper", an Ace Bell pepper, has 9 flower buds and one flower.

How are the impatiens, echinacea and lavender coming? Hopefully they are growing well. My echinacea is not budding yet, but the other two types are flowering.

Here are some photos from you:

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