Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

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    Our first 2021 seedlings are Sun Gold tomatoes. They are ideal for the Kids Grow Food program. These are very young seedlings, transplanted immediately prior to sale. Let them stay in their current containers until they grow larger, to establish their roots, before transplanting. 

    The seeds are from Johnny's Seeds; we start them in the basement in the early spring. The descriptions below are partly from our experience in previous years, and partly from Johnny's Seeds.

    Sun Gold (cherry)

    A prolific and tasty cherry tomato - starts producing early and through the fall. Great raw, in sauces, and dried. Indeterminate. More info.

    Sun Peach (cherry)

    New this year - Johnny's says this tomato is not as tangy and acidic as Sun Gold, but is very sweet with excellent flavor. Indeterminate. More info.

    Granadero (plum)

    Great plum tomato for tomato sauces, salsas and salads. Indetermiante. More info.


    A mid-size slicer; bred for earliness, disease resistance, and flavor. Determinate (don't prune!). More info.


    Great heirloom flavor: rich, loud and distinctively spicy. Pink skin; smooth red flesh. Indeterminate. More info.


    Highly productive dark heirloom with excellent flavor. Indeterminate. More info.

    Striped German

    Red and yellow fruit; medium to large. A gorgeous tomato. Indeterminate. More info.


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