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Collecting data on plant growth and harvest

The participants in our Kids Grow Food program have started logging their plant data. Check out these beautiful photos of the seedlings!

To add your own data on your plant, please use this survey. Alternatively, you can use this app, or scan this code with your phone:

You can go back as often as you like to add new data, and track multiple plants. For each plant, you will tell us its name (so we can keep track of it over time), and any or all of: height, whether its flowering now, whether it's currently harvestable, how much you harvest from it, and any other journal entry you'd like to add. If you use the phone app, you can upload a photo.

So far, we have collected 67 data points on seedlings all over Cambridge, including at Henry Street Farms. 2 eggplants, 4 herbs, 29 peppers and 32 tomatoes.

The average height for the peppers is 3.9 cm, and the average height for the tomatoes is 15.0 cm.

At least 7 tomatoes are flowering.

All of these photos were taken of plants being cared for by Cambridge kids:

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